Dear Evan Hansen movie is a musical written by Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. We will explain how you can watch Dear Evan Hansen 2021 Full movie online for free on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Prime or some other streaming service. The story of Dear Evan Hansen centers around the 15-year old title character’s struggle with social anxiety disorder and depression as he deals with his overprotective parents over the course of several years.

On September 9, Dear Evan Hansen will premiere at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. Universal Pictures will distribute the film. The studio acquired the rights back in November 2018.

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Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley told ScreenDaily in December 2020 that the film had wrapped up its production. Out of the total runtime of 2 hours 17 minutes, over 1 hour 18 minutes consists of 16 songs.

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Is Dear Evan Hansen Streaming Online?

No Dear Evan Hansen is not streaming online, as it’s only live on Broadway and there has been no news of a release date for the movie adaptation.

Although it hasn’t been announced when we can expect this musical to be adapted into a movie, we hope to see one soon. ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is one of those musicals that should be seen, and we’re sure it will eventually make its way to the big screen.

That’s all we’ve got for you when it comes to ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ movie length and streaming status. Stay tuned  in case we find anything new in the future.


Yes! Universal released the trailer this afternoon. To watch, just scroll up and you’ll find the trailer in the video above.


The Dear Evan Hansen movie is set to debut in theaters on Friday, Sept. 24.


Because Dear Evan Hansen comes from Universal Pictures, audiences will likely have the chance to see the movie at home not too long after its theatrical premiere. As part of a deal the production company struck with chains like AMC and Cinemark, Universal can release films on VOD just 17 days after they hit theaters. Dear Evan Hansen is set to premiere Sept. 24, which means at-home audiences could see the movie from the comfort of their living rooms as soon as Oct. 11.

Dear Evan Hansen Review

In the film version of Dear Evan Hansen, Ben Platt’s face is a problem. From his first close-up, his is undeniably one of a full-grown man, who has been comically miscast as a sheepish teen boy. No slouched shoulders or downcast eyes can hide that. Sure, Platt originated the role of the titular teen when the coming-of-age musical — and his portrayal — won scads of accolades on Broadway. All the same, allowing him to reprise the role in the movie is not just a major misstep, but the most glaring mistake of director Stephen Chbosky’s wonky adaptation.

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The plot of Dear Evan Hansen feels like something out of Riverdale, audacious and disturbing with heavy doses of teen angst, hot button issues, musical numbers, and dysfunctional family drama playing out in a posh home. Even still, this movie can’t hold a candle to that outrageous series’ sense of style.

In an unremarkable high school in Maryland, Evan Hansen (Platt) is a wallflower unnoticed by everyone. That is until a strange twist of fate — after a classmate’s death by suicide — makes him the unexpected center of attention. A misunderstanding leads the Murphy family to believe that Evan was the secret best friend of their recently deceased son, Connor (Colton Ryan). Panicked but also desperate to be a part of the world of this affluent, effusive family — that happens to include his secret crush Zoe (Kaitlyn Dever) — Evan lies, spinning more and more elaborate stories of this fictional friendship. Between these grieving parents (Amy Adams and Danny Pino), their wounded daughter, and the lonely boy, a fragile bond blossoms. But as Evan’s story goes viral, their shady solace is threatened.

This melodramatic premise is enhanced by the stage show’s songs, written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. What Evan can’t dare say to the world, he expresses through belted ballads about his choking loneliness and unspoken infatuation for Zoe. Similarly, the Murphy family’s private forms of mourning are displayed through a three-part “Requiem.” Yet, the most powerful songs are those that speak most directly to struggles with mental illness. From the original Broadway Cast Recording, “You Will Be Found” is a showstopper, literally spotlighting Evan so he can sing about how hard it is to be alone in the darkness and the importance of community. Then, Pasek and Paul created two new tracks for the movie (“A Little Closer” and “Anonymous Ones”) that wisely give voice to the struggle of other characters, adding new depth and smart opportunities to allow the film’s other stars to shine.


In Dear Evan Hansen, Ben Platt reprises the role that made him a hit on Broadway. However, he’s a bad fit for the banal setting that director Stephen Chbosky plunks down in this clunky musical. While Platt’s singing is stellar, his performance is a superficial impersonation of youth, which goes through the motions but doesn’t land the emotions. Platt is outshone by a supporting cast that includes Kaitlyn Dever, Amandla Stenberg, and Julianne Moore, all of whom offer exhilaratingly poignant moments. Though Chbosky’s staging is uninspired, the songs — both old and new — are nonetheless powerful, which might be enough of a lure for fans of the show or musicals in general. Sadly, Platt’s calamitous casting dooms this adaptation to cringe-worthy awkwardness.

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